Our Philosophy

Cuba is not only synonymous with crystal-blue waters and pristine beaches, but also with rich culture and traditions.

Mactourism emerged from the desire to discover the authenticity of this island and invites you to share the profound emotion of being in contact with nature, respecting it and the soul that makes it so special.

We deeply love the customs of this island that will inspire a strong appreciation for how the Cuban people face the minor challenges of daily life with their entrepreneurial spirit.

We begin by exploring the most profound aspects of the pure spirit of Cuba to create our specialized proposals for apersonalized and original travel experiences.

We have envisioned and experienced each of our proposed itineraries, continually searching for destinations and sites unknown to mass tourism.

The real “luxury trip” for us is the one that is “tailored-made” and designed on the basis of the interests of each individual and of each member of the group or of the family who decides to travel with us.

For this reason, the itinerary and the accommodations will be entirely tailored to meet your needs and expectations, taking into account each and every member of the group.

MacTourism Tours Collection

Places which our agency focuses more on, these are our main destinations.

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