Cuba will celebrate a singular rally with more than 200 vintage american cars

On december 15 Cuba will host a singular rally with more than 200 vintage american cars.

Since the island probably have more classic american cars running than the United States, it was necesary to have a previous “casting”.

That unusual selection took place on december 1st in Havana city when a jury evaluated classic and old cars from every cuban province.

The technical team make sure that the engines and other parts were original of each brand and model, which will allow its owners to take part in this initiative.

The coordinator of the Friends of Fangio Project, Lorenzo Verdecia, told the cuban press that this initiative has its origins 22 years ago in a first election of 120 cars of this type in the Club Taramar, in the capital’s periphery.

Now, they extended the convocation to the provinces surrounding Havana and to anyone who wanted to participate from the rest of the country to organize the aforementioned rally.

This is a contest of old cars that will put a note of color to Cuban tourism, in particular to its capital, when on December 15, 200 vehicles of this type parade through the boardwalk of the city.

Fittingly, executives of the recently opened Hotel Grand Iberostar Packard, located on the Paseo del Prado in this city, showed themselves as organizers and illustrated about a sui generis contest in which the originality of the engines will be especially rewarded.

They seek with the idea to emphasize the classic and old cars that are here named almendrones.

Already in itself, these cars flood Havana, and are part of the plan of activities for the 500 years of this city to be held on November 16, 2019.

The director of marketing of Iberostar Cuba, María Barrera, the president of the Friends of Fangio Project (famous Argentine runner), Lorenzo Verdecia, and the technical director of that initiative, Pablo Álvarez, showed their satisfaction for the reception of the idea.

They explained that next December 15, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, and the Cultural Project Friends of Fangio, will celebrate the First Days of Cuban Classic Cars, in homage to the capital.

For this they called the Iberostar Annual Grand Prize for the Conservation of Old Cars.

They declared that the so-called Almendrones are part of the history of that hotel and of the city, when for the occasion they also celebrate the 120th anniversary of the arrival of the first automobile in Cuba.

During this day in the area known as La Piragua, near the Malecón but in the part of the neighborhood of El Vedado, it was the inscriptions of those who own this type of car, and they were evaluated for day 15 to participate in a tour of five kilometers

That trip will be from La Piragua to the Paseo del Prado, where the Packard is located, a hotel with a lot of history, and now luxury.

They consider the organizers as old to the vehicles of manufacture previous to 1960, in particular in Cuba because the majority are American, and in that year began the economic and commercial restrictions of Washington against the Island.

These barriers, which are now reinforced by the administration of Donald Trump, prevented the entry of cars and parts, but despite this until the present the Cuban cars keep rolling.

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