Everything you should know about Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca it´s a very difficult name to learn, but it is a place you´ll never forget.

It is a string of megaresorts draped along a succession of idyllic beaches backed by verdant hills, 54km northeast of Holguín. Located in the municipality of Banes, it is the third Cuban tourist spot.

It was one of the first ports known to Columbus and he was amazed. Long time after, it became place of refuge for corsairs and pirates. It was ideal for smuggling, especially of products from Europe in exchange for cattle skins.

Today, Guardalavaca provides a variety of unparalleled adventures to tourists of all types.

There you can quietly explore the countryside on horseback, ride a speedboat and travel the Bay of Naranjo to the dolphinarium or spend a whole day in the town of Bariay.

But what about the food? According to TripAdvisor, the best restaurants in the area are La Maison, El Uvero and Restaurant Miremar.

La Maison, although travelers consider it a bit expensive, has an unparalleled sea view and an exquisite meal.

The Uvero, they say is very cheap for travelers. And among its outstanding dishes are shrimps with garlic and grilled fish.

And on the other hand, Restaurant Miremar is a specialist in Caribbean food, seafood, and Cuban dishes.

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