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The Athens of Cuba

Since its foundingin the fourteenth century, Matanzas has been considered one of the most important places in the cultural formation of the Cuban nation and its social development around the sugar cane complex. From an early age the area was baptized with the pseudonym of “Athens of Cuba”, thanks to the relevant cultural and literary events that took place in the region. Besides Varadero, the island’s most important coastal tourist destination, the city of Matanzas has a unique charm that places it among the most beautiful cities in Cuba and deserves to be discovered by everyone who visits.

9.00 am

Pick up at Villa Royal. Departure for Matanzas. Stop at Bacunayagua Lookout, (territorial boundaryof Matanzas). The “Bacunayagua Bridge“, with a total extension of 313.5 meters and a height of 103.5 meters above sea level, is considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering.

11.00 am

Visit to San Severino Castle. Founded in 1793, El Castillo de San Severino stands out as the only remaining witness of the city’s foundation. At present, the castlehousesThe Slave’s Route Museum. It has several showrooms, among which the room dedicated to the Orishas stands out. The museum displays shackles, traps, chains and other objects that illustrate the slavery era in Cuba.

11.30 am

Arrival at Parque de la Libertad (the Freedom Park). Around this central place are located some of the main buildings of the city the Building of the old Town Hall; the Municipal Library; the Theater and Hotel Velazco, among others. It is an absolute must visiting the recently restoredWhite Room, one of the main venues where concert music at the highest level can be appreciatedand the Pharmaceutical Museum, founded in 1882, is the only one in Latin America that has a complete collection preserved from the day it closed, you can still see the medicines and essences of the time.

12.15 am

Visit to Ediciones Vigía. Located in the oldest house in Matanzas. It is an independent publishing house where artists producehandmade books. It was founded in 1990 to counteract the shortage of materials at the time. Nowadays reused materials such as paper, yarn, cloth, leaves, dried flowers, aluminum foil are used; only 200 copies of each title are produced and each, for its artistic details, is in itself an exclusive work of art.

12.30 pm

Visit to the Lolo Workshop. Contemporary Matanzas sculptor who revived a dilapidated warehouse and transformed it into a space for the production of art. During the visit we can appreciate the work of 10 artists who make sculptures with different techniques and materials.

1.00 pm

Departure for Finca Coincidencia. Cultural project founded by an agronomist and an art historian. With a plantation of more than 8,000 of coffeebushes, this couple harmoniously coexists art and nature. At lunch you can taste an exquisite menu made with natural ingredients harvested in the farm.

Note: The farm has two rooms for overnight accommodation if desired.

3.30 pm

Return to Havana. Stop at the Ermita de Monserrate, located in the Simpson Heights, the town with the largest Spanish presence in the city of Matanzas. Theinhabitants erected the buildingto pay tribute to the Virgin of Monserrate of Catalonia. From these heights you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, the beautifulYumurí Valley, the urbanization of Matanzas with its unmistakable bridges and its huge bay.

6.00 pm

Arrival to Villa Royal.

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