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The city of Trinidad is located in the central region of Cuba. Trinidad was the third Villa founded by the Spanish Crown on the island. It became one of the most prosperous villas of its time around the business of the sugar industry. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988,Trinidad is currently one of the best preserved colonial cities in Latin America. It is a luxury to take a stroll through the cobblestone streets and admire one of the most beautiful architectural complexes of Cuba. Moreover, due to its geographical location, Trinidad is one of the most complete destinations for any visitor, with one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast, Playa Ancón, and the Topes de Collantes nature reserve.

9.00 am

Departure for the Valley of the Sugar Mills World Heritage Site(Valle de losIngenios) by steam train. This unforgettableexperience will allow the visitor to experience the sugar cane’s journey from the field to the sugar mill. In this tour you can see old sugar mills and rural populations in the area. Visit to the Manaca-Iznaga ranch, one of the most wealthy and important families of the 19th century in the central region of Cuba. (5 hours).

1.00 pm

Return to the Historical Center of the City. Time for lunch. Restaurant suggested by MAC San José.

2.30 pm

In the afternoon we propose a city tour to admire Trinidad’s squares and main buildings such as the old Cantero Palace, nowadays History Museum; the Museum of Archeology, where you can see a sample of aboriginal objects from the south central region of the country; the Romantic Museum,also housed inside one of the old palaces of the time, recreates the atmosphere of a typical colonial residence of Trinidad; and the Museum of Colonial Architecture that shows the architectural development of Trinidad over the years.

4.00 pm

Visit to the popular bar La Canchánchara. In order not to lose the tradition of all the visitors to the city, here you can taste a typical cocktail from Trinidad, consisting of honey, lemon and “aguardiente” that was createdduringthe 10 Years War of Cuban independence.

4.30 pm

Shop for authentic local crafts. The presence of a remarkable handicraft tradition in the city makes it essential to propose a visit to the street of crafts and other markets, to appreciate a variety of authentic and exquisite handicraft objects just from Trinidad. Crocheted fabrics, clay objects and precious-metal craftwork or jewelry, animals, hats or bags made of Yarey Palm Tree, pieces conceived from seeds, stone lamps, fiber animals, among others, are some of the handmade proposals that can be seen and taken home as souvenirs of your visit to Trinidad.

5.30 pm

Return to the hotel or lodging.

7.00 pm

Dinner at a restaurant of the Historical Center.

In the evening we propose a visit to the Casa de la Música de Trinidad(House of Music of Trinidad) located in a large house of Cuban colonial style. It has beenfor a long timethe home of the sextet La Parrandaconducted by PericoTéllez, well known for the interpretation of the traditionalson of Trinidad. However, other musical bands that play the son and other genres of Cuban music will be heard every night.

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