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FEBRUARY-MARCH Habanos Festival 

Dedicated to the most prestigious cigars in the world, the HabanosFestival is anevent that brings together national and international experts, big businessmen and distributors, as well as manufacturers, cigar rollers, smokers and other connoisseurs of the world of tobacco. Among the main activities of this notorious event are auctions of custom-made humidors, tours of the most renowned cigar factories in the country, skill competitions for experts in the art of Cuban cigars, such as the traditional CigarSommelier Contest, as well as seminars, conferences and several practical sections.

FEBRUARY International Book Fair of Havana

The International Book Fair of Havana takes place in the venues of San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress. It becomes the most important appointmentfor national and international publishing houses,with numerous rooms for the exhibition and sale of books, book launches, talks and conferences. It is one of the most multitudinous events in the country and each edition is dedicated to renownedCuban authors and a different country as its guest of honor.

APRIL- MAY Havana Biennial 

Organized by the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, the HavanaBiennial is basically aimed at promoting the work of important national and international artists. Its artistic exhibitions in dissimilar urban spaces transform the city into a contemporary art room. In addition you can attend conferences, classes, workshops and other activities.

MAY Romerías de mayo

This Festival, a tradition of the people of Holguín, turns this city into the capital of young art, bringing together the most representative of music, dance, theater, painting, literature and other national and international artistic manifestations. It combines tradition and modernity in scenarios of great concerts, simultaneous exhibitions, workshops, public dances and other spaces for good art.

MAY Cubadisco International Music Fair

The Cubadisco International Music Fair is a prestigious annual contest aimed at promoting and disseminating Cuban music in all its genres. This event has created a space for disc and audiovisual presentations, concerts, specialized visits, exhibitions, debates, reflections of theoreticians, producers, creators and music executives. It is held across Havana.Cubadisco Awards are delivered to relevant national and international recordings.

MAY Latin American and Caribbean Theater Festival. Mayo Teatral

Mayo Teatral is one of the most representative samples of the Latin American and Caribbean stage work. It brings to the Cuban stagesdifferent theater groups. It also organizes workshops, conferences, book launches and exhibitions in a spacewhere groups of young and renowned theater companies coexist.

JULY Caribbean Festival. Feast of Fire

Held in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, the Caribbean Festival, Feast of Fire, gathers dissimilar manifestations of the popular and traditional culture of Cuba and the Caribbean. It is a space for the presentation of concerts, talks, dances, workshops of plastic arts, narrative and music, among others; strengthening its position as one of the most diverse cultural events in the region. Likewise, the theoretical event “The Caribbean that unites us” will be held during the festival.

OCTOBER – NOVEMBER International Ballet Festival of Havana 

The International Ballet Festival of Havana, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world, shows the high level of Cuban ballet. Reaffirming its international reach, along with important figures of the national ballet, has excelled in many of its editions, the presence of well-known companies such as the Royal Ballet of London, the English National Ballet, the Scala of Milan, the Americam Ballet Theater and the New York City Ballet, among others. The main venues of this great event have been the Great Theaterof Havana, the Mella Theater, the Karl Marx Theater and the Lázaro Peña Theater, in the City of Havana.

NOVEMBER Dance in Cuba 

The World Encounter of Dancers and Dancing Academies of Casino and Salsa, Dance in Cuba, will be held from November 10-18. This edition has scheduled dance classes of casino, salsa, son, guaracha, mambo and other genres of Cuban music. Night concerts by prestigious casino and salsa orchestras on the island will be played.

NOVEMBER Habana Auction 

During the period in which this exquisite Auction is held, Havana becomes an important place for the sale of the most exclusive art on the island, bringing together the most representative of Cuban artistic work, featured through a careful and rigorous selection and curatorship of the works that are being exhibited.

DECEMBER International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana 

One of the most important festivals of Latin American cinema, the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, disseminates and recognizes the Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity. In its largefilm theater listing, it features an important sample of the cinematographic work of the region together with a representation of the contemporary cinema of the rest of the world. The top prize awarded by the festival is the Grand Coral Award.

DECEMBER FIART International Craft Fair 

FIART is aimed atpromoting and selling both Cuban and foreign crafts. It takes place in the PABEXPO convention hall, where collateral exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops and theoretical meetings are also held.

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