Hemingway’s Tour


Ernest Hemingway, one of the leading novelists of the twentieth century and Nobel Prize in Literature, was a fervent lover of Cuba and its traditions, so much so that he was motivated to buy Finca Vigía, a house where he lived most of his life and wrote his greatest works. This Tour will guide us through the main sites the writer used to frequent since his arrival in the Island, and that became regulars in his daily life, many of them, a source of inspiration for his novels.

9.30 am

Pick up at Villa Royal-Departure for San Francisco de Paula.

10.00 am

Arrival at Finca Vigía, the writer’s residence in Havana. The rooms are perfectly preserved as the author left them. On this visit you can b his collection of more than nine thousand books, magazines and brochures that together with important works of art and decorative objects are part of the decoration of the place.

11.00 am

Arrival at Ambos Mundos Hotel to visit the room where the novelist stayed in his first trips to Havana.

11.30 am

Visit to the Floridita and the Bodeguita del Medio, to taste the novelist’s favorite drinks, immortalized in his phrase: “My Mojito in La Bodeguita, my Daiquirí in El Floridita”. (Optional).

12.30 pm

Departure to Cojímar, a fishing village located east of Havana. Hemingway used to dock his yacht “El Pilar” there. This village inspired the setting of his most acclaimed novel “The Old Man and The Sea”, for which he won the Novel Prize in Literature.

1.00 pm

Lunch at a restaurant suggested by MAC. (El Ajiaco, Casa Grande or La Terraza).

2.30 pm

Visit to La Terraza Restaurant, place where Hemingway usually ate after his fishing trips. Tour of the malecón cojimero (Cojímar sea wall) and visit to the bust erected by fishermen in his honor, as a symbol of friendship, using the bronze from the propellers of their boats.

3.30 pm

Departure for Villa Royal. (25 min)

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